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A Classic: Colorful Ukrainian pysanky Egg Workshop
12:30 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Event Description
Instructor: Andrea Kulish, Pysanky Artist+ Instructor
Class date: April 13, 2023 
Fee:  Free
Maximum class size is 25

Pysanky (plural form of pysanka) is from the Ukrainian word "pysaty" meaning "to write." Pysanky eggs are perfect for Easter (Ukrainian East is in April this year) and are hand-drawn creations—first in pencil using guidelines to section off an egg into a grid pattern, and then with detail within the grid. Afterward, pencil lines are covered with beeswax and layered with colors of dye, similar to the batik work done on fabric.  This workshop includes instruction by Ukrainian artist Andrea Kulish Wilhelm includes use of all pysanky supplies. Students will take home up to three pysanky creations.  Supplies include egg dyes, beeswax, empty chicken eggshells, candles, paper towels, tissue, egg cartons to take eggs home, and kistkas/ styluses. Pysanky making kits can be made available for purchase for future use.
The workshop will include a short slideshow, short demonstration and explanation of technique, then the majority ofthe time is spent creating pysanky, with instructor continuously guiding students and walking around the room to see how everyone is doing.