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Baba Yaga Motanka Talisman Doll Workshop
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

Event Description

Instructor: Patrycja (Pati) Becker

Date: March 19, 2024  10 - 3

Location:  The Art Place Gallery Claasroom

Fee: Members: $88., Non-members: $103.

Maximum Class Size: 12

About the Class: Baba Yaga - Motanka Talisman Doll Workshop In this workshop, you will learn how to create a traditional Slavic Motanka doll. We are working with an infamous old witch Baba Yaga (who actually is an ancient wise woman) so anything that needs to be ‘burnt away’, transformed, integrated, or manifested can be part of an intention for this workshop. There is no sewing required, all skill levels are welcome. The colors, patterns, and layers of materials will symbolize something personal to you, you can adorn your doll with jewels, crowns, talismans, or even angel wings, but we will make sure that Baba Yaga has her most recognizable attributes, the nose, and the broom. This workshop is meant to use creativity as a tool of self-development, young adults 12yo to 102 yo are all welcome.

Supplies: Preparation for this class is important because it's necessary to be ready for the meeting with Baba Yaga, hence gathering the materials is a part of the process. Your material should reflect your intention (if you have one) and 'speak' to you. You can use recycled scraps, pieces that have a personal meaning, or go 'hunting' for something special for your doll in a local fabric shop. Don't overthink it, if you are called to pick up an unusual color or funny pattern, go for it. You don’t need a lot of materials, just a variety. Make sure the fabrics are easy to work with, which means they should be easy to tear apart as we don’t really use scissors. Linen and cotton are easy to work with, the more natural the fabric, the closer to the original technique. I am going to bring some nice fabrics for y'all as well, just in case your Baba Yaga decided to get picky and fussy.

Artist Bio:  Pati Becker is an Intuitive Guide offering a Wilder Heart Based Guidance. She assists in overcoming stagnant energies, removing creative blocks, and connecting with spirit and purpose through creative processes and energy work. She offers many classes and retreats and is available for one-on-one spiritual coaching and energy healing. Pati is originally from Poland. She calls Hendo her little piece of heaven on Earth. She is a trained shaman, journalist, drone pilot and violinist. She loves food, cats, trees, coffee shops, books and tarot cards. You can connect with Pati by checking out her website and Instagram.