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1/25/2023 - 3/29/2023

Event Description
This exhibit will be at the Library for March 31 – May 26 and the overflow (beyond the maximum number of 36 entries) will be at Art Place.  This event coincides with the celebration of Earth Day 2023 (Saturday, April 22) by displaying works by Art League members that “Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle”.   All works must include some element that reflects our desire to care for the earth by incorporating “stuff” in our artwork that would otherwise find its way into a local landfill or into our oceans or forests.  (no fair just painting over an old canvas!) Exhibitors will be asked for a short blurb about what was used or how the work expressed our theme which will be displayed next to each piece.  Both 2-D and small 3-D (no bigger than 18” high to fit in the glass display case next to the art wall) works will be accepted at the Library.  Anything larger will exhibit at Art Place along with entries beyond the first 36 pieces.   The artwork at Art Place will be on display only for the first week of April.
Entrants must be current ALHC members.  To exhibit, artists must complete a registration form at the ALHC website, or by clicking the link below.
The Art League will also have a tent on Main Street for the first Annual Hendo Earth Fest on Saturday, April 22.  We don’t have all the details yet, but we will be looking for volunteers to help with that event.  We would especially like to have someone actually creating a “scrap” piece during the day and perhaps have items available for children to create their own “3R” art.